Should your company Outsource your Mobile App Development Project?

19 Nov 2015

Most companies, especially in the technology industry want to keep everything in house instead of making the decision to outsource mobile app development. While many companies can sustain internal development teams to handle their ongoing business systems, they often can’t find the capacity or specific experience for every project. More times than not a business executive will need to be the voice of reason because most software engineers and managers take great pride in keeping all development in house. Unfortunately, the business initiative may have a specific timeline that just doesn’t make it a practical to redirect your dedicated staff off of current on going needs. Additionally, if you don’t have software engineers that have a lot of experience in a specific area, such as Mobile App Development you might not want them learning on the fly while developing your first Mobile App.

Several factors should be considered before arriving to a decision to outsource mobile app development:

  • What is the timeline and software engineer availability: If your technical resources are involved in other projects, and the deadline is tight it may not be feasible.
  • Does your team have the necessary expertise: In a perfect world a software engineer is a software engineer is a software engineer. Unfortunately that is not the case and most software engineers have specific experience along with strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t have team members with strong mobile application development you may not want them building their first one on for your important project.
  • Complexity of functional requirements: In some cases the mobile app logic can get complicated, or app development requires access to personal health information.This can almost put an end to the use of external resources for security and logistical reasons.
  • Budget: When we get down to it the driving factor for most outsourcing decisions seems to come down to money. In most cases it can be less expensive for companies to outsource a mobile app project because you only require the resources for a short specific amount of time. There are no overhead costs for benefits, bonuses, employee tax, or long term salary commitments. In some cases outsourcing can be a lesser expensive option because of internal inefficiencies. However, although developer costs can be lower, we expect that additional time will be incurred for project management, requirements management, and quality assurance during the project. So, it is important to also assess price reasonableness when getting a quote so that you actually get the product and quality you need.


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