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22 Mar 2016

Steal Your Competitors Backlinks and Rankings

The strategy to steal your competitors backlinks is something we utilize on a daily basis for our own websites (and clients) to gain a competitive edge in the search engine rankings. Reverse engineering your competitors’ backlinks is not that difficult to do, and you can build a very natural profile slowly…

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25 Feb 2016

Mandrill Policy Changes are Frustrating

I would like to talk about the Mandrill policy changes announced today, but first let me start off by explaining what Mandrill is for those of you who don’t know. Mandrill is Mailchimp’s transactional email service that was (until today) a completely separate product offering from their promotional e-newsletter marketing…

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21 Jan 2016

Google Search Update to its Core Algorithm happening now

Google has taken an unusual step and officially confirmed it is making some rather noticeable search updates to its core algorithm right now. This was partly due in response to thousands of webmasters that took to forums and social media about the disruption and major fluctuation in web rankings the…

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18 Jan 2016

Integration with Hootsuite and Mention Platforms

I got away from Hootsuite awhile back, but decided to give it another whirl. In the past when integrating social media platforms it would take a combination of RSS, Hootsuite, and Looks like those days are behind us and social media integration is pretty straight forward. Social Media Integration…

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