Who We Work With



We work with startups from all industries that are solving pain points with a tech solution. We enjoy working with early-stage founders and entrepreneurs that are attempting to capitalize on a product or service for which there is a demand. We understand first hand that running a startup is hard because the individuals behind Upshot Media Group are serial entrepreneurs themselves. We help founders avoid costly development mistakes that could potentially cause a startup to fail. We have a process in place for assisting with affordable rapid prototyping and launching your minimal desirable product. To take advantage of all the amazing perks we offer startups that work with us please apply to our startup program.

Small Businesses

Although we love working with Startups we certainly understand that the majority of businesses are small businesses. We have a special place in our heart for small businesses as we are one ourselves! Upshot helps you work better through digital products that increase efficiencies and profitability. Whether you need a branding reboot or help with creating a digital product to better serve your customers we can help. We work with a lot of great brands and believe in forming partnerships through delivering on our promises. Honesty and transparency are always top of mind when working with our clients. Need a better partner for your digital solutions? Let’s talk.


What does Enterprise mean to us? When we use the term Enterprise we are referring to very large companies that require incredibly powerful solutions with advanced customization to solve specific pain points within the company. More often than not our team works directly with specific department heads within the organization to quickly create a digital initiative. Typically, the project requirements are already put together and we work directly with the company’s team to help expedite a digital solution to meet the business objectives. Whether you are big or small we know how to work well your existing team members to reach the desired results.


We love all types of educational institutions because we believe that everyone learns in different ways. We hold teachers, instructors, and mentors in every high regard around here and understand how important they are to society. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great educational institutions, startups, and first-time founders. Any chance we get to participate in a request-for-proposal opportunity for an educational institution looking to improve efficiencies for teachers, help their students, or alleviate existing pain points in the education system we jump at it. If you have an initiative that requires a digital strategy we’d love to learn more about how we might be able to help.


Who wouldn’t love working with non-profits trying to make the world a better place? Just like any organization a non-profit needs digital solutions to meet business objectives. We try to donate a free website or app to one non-profit organization every calendar year. We want to do our part to help contribute to the mission of these great organizations. Unfortunately, we couldn’t exist by giving away websites to everyone but we certainly are eager to assist any non-profit organization that needs professional digital expertise. We’ve worked with some great non-profits over the years such as the Boys & Girls Club, CHASE, and The KC Collective. Through transparency, honesty, and our expertise in tech we build great longlasting partnerships with non-profits all over the nation.