Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is more than your logo, color palette, and slogan. Your brand defines what you stand for, the personality you convey, a promise you make and your ability to deliver on that promise. Your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your target market.

User Experience (UX) Design

The idea behind user experience design is centered completely around the user. We align our process to create user-validated solutions in line with strategic business objectives. This can make a difference between a good experience and a great experience. Research, personas, user interviews, experience mapping, psychology of persuasion, and more help us to build the right product on the first try.

Web and API Development

We build powerful and scalable web applications that leverage the correct technology that makes the most sense for your business initiatives. In today’s world platforms are being built on top of platforms. This means that every tech driven company should be considering API development as part of your growth strategy from day one.

Mobile App Development

Most companies need to leverage mobile technology for their business initiatives but what that actually looks like depends on your business objectives. We aren’t going to recommend mobile app development unless it makes sense to pursue that avenue. Our team can handle professional native app development as well as React Native but we evaluate the requirements prior to suggesting the mobile tech to implement.

Rapid Prototyping

People and ideas are the key to innovation. It’s important the prototype process isn’t skipped because this allows you to get feedback quickly and often without wasting money on developing a product that might not be viable. We partner with our clients to refine ideas into transformative solutions.

Minimal Viable Desirable Product

We don’t believe in shipping out garbage products. We certainly want to create an initial version of a new product that allows your team to collect the maximum amount of customer data with the least effort; but it doesn’t make sense to roll out a pile of sh*t. Your data will be tainted and therefore worthless. Let’s work together on a strategy to create a minimal desirable product instead while being budget conscience.