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13 Mar 2016

Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile?

According to ComScore more than 50% of internet browsing is done on mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile then you are missing out on 50% of potential traffic that could lead to additional business for your company. Your competitors are secretly hoping that you don’t join the…

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10 Mar 2016

Hybrid Mobile Applications on the Rise

To help alleviate the development time and maintenance related to the multiple code bases of native mobile apps, hybrid mobile applications have emerged as a solution. Hybrid app development’s key benefit is the ability to develop in a single language and maintain a single code base while running the app…

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19 Nov 2015

Should your company Outsource your Mobile App Development Project?

Most companies, especially in the technology industry want to keep everything in house instead of making the decision to outsource mobile app development. While many companies can sustain internal development teams to handle their ongoing business systems, they often can’t find the capacity or specific experience for every project. More…

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