Discovery Process


We hold a meeting or conference call to learn more about your company and the project scope. We will want to know if this is going to be a site redesign? Mobile app? Custom web application? Brand new website? Or perhaps a custom module? We learn everything we can about your company and project requirements. Once we have this information we will put together a Statement of Work, which outlines the web development process, project scope, pricing, timeline, and deliverables.

Brand Strategy


Understanding your brand position and key messages, target audience, and competitive landscape will help your web development project go smoothly. We will spend time to fully understand your brand, and your goals. We will assist with market research and review competitors in detail to find out what you like or don’t like about the competition. We believe in strong collaboration throughout this phase of the web development process as it will lay the foundation for what follows. We understand you are making a significant investment in your web project so it should clearly meet your goals out of the gates – not retrofit later.

Wireframing and UX Design


This phase of the process is when things start to come to life. For new websites or mobile apps we will establish what the user experience (UX) should be like. It is important to establish the structure of your website through intuitive user flows and goal conversions. We then start the iterative design process of creating the look and feel for your new website design.

Programming in our Web Development Process


At this phase our web development process our lead software engineers will work on the functional aspects of your website to bring it alive. Upshot Media Group will assign you a technical PM to communicate with you throughout the project while coordinating with the software engineer team. We work in an Agile/Kanban hybrid process which breaks out scope into stories and stories into tasks with 2-week development cycles we call sprints. At the end of each sprint there will be work to review with you as well as a QA process.

Quality Assurance


We consider this phase a private beta release in which you have access to your fully functional website that we can review together for any final modifications or bugs that need cleaned up. Around this time we also generate any documentation necessary on the administration management features. We will also provide the administration access to your new website so you can dive right in. This is considered the final step in the actual web development process.

Website Launch


Once any final changes are rectified by our software engineer team and you sign off on the completed project we plan a date and time to launch your website or application into production. We call this the go-live event which can include pushing the code from our staging server to your production server, updating DNS, or simply removing the site form maintenance mode. We make launches quick, easy, painless, and most of all exciting!

Ongoing Support


You didn’t think you were going to get rid of us that easy, did you? We appreciate the relationships we have with our clients and want them to be long-standing. Once your new website or mobile application launches we realize that you may need additional assistance with your site. We provide many ways to easily contact us through email, phone, ticket system, or even live chat. We are always here to answer questions, and we provide hourly support for clients that need it.

Discovery Process
Brand Strategy
Web Development Process
QA Process
Website Launch
Ongoing Website Support