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Integration with Hootsuite and Mention Platforms

I got away from Hootsuite awhile back, but decided to give it another whirl. In the past when integrating social media platforms it would take a combination of RSS, Hootsuite, and Looks like those days are behind us and social media integration is pretty straight forward.

Social Media Integration

Feeding blog posts to selective social platforms automatically seem to be pretty easy these days, however I am looking into a more customizable approach that allows me to select which blog posts I want to deliver to social outlets. There are times where my team may want to post a blog entry that we may not wish to have thrown up on all social media sites. First, I am making sure that the auto-feed is working and the next step will be to see how much further we can customize the process. The integration went well and the blog feeds to Hootsuite which then feeds to Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

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